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Beach Vickers

What critics are saying about Beach Vickers…



As the "Emcee" in "Cabaret."

As the "Emcee" in "Cabaret."

quote“Never has there been a more frightening portrayal of Emcee than Beach Vickers’ no-holds-barred, depraved interpretation. There he stands, bellowing into the dark: a fat, white-faced, bloated, and corseted figure, with torn fishnet stockings and tattooed arms. When Vickers sings “If You Could See Her” and “I Don’t Care Much,” it makes our blood curdle.”

— Shirle Gottlieb, Back Stage West (Los Angeles, CA)


“Their ringleader, of course, is the stark, grotesque figure of the Emcee, played by Beach Vickers as a bloated, eccentric lecher with a frozen leer. Vickers invokes much of his role through mime, yet he adds a grim, pained layer to this familiar figure. Like a depraved, silent Greek chorus, he and the Kit Kat boys and girls are never far from the story’s action.”

— Eric Marchese, OC Register (Orange County, CA)

quote“A superb interpretation by Vickers, who, as the emcee, gleefully combines vaudeville shtick and ad-libs with a riveting stage presence that make it hard to take your eyes off of him.”

— Christopher Trela, OC Metro (Orange County, CA)


quote“Three other actors .., plus Vickers, act as a stylized chorus, representing people’s attitudes towards homosexuality and race in (Chay) Yew’s highly evocative and graphic prose.

“The men do yeomen’s work, slipping in and out of the roles of British, Asian, and American characters.

“Vickers’ character is homophobic and a boorish charlatan, but he has vulnerable, revealing moments.”

— Melinda Schupmann, Back Stage West (Los Angeles, CA)

quote“Vickers counters with a (Dr.) Worthing privately exasperated with John and, in public, a bit of a blowhard. The way John’s gentle nature eventually heals some of Worthing’s own wounds may feel a bit too pat, but Vickers’ on-stage responses to (his co-actor) Luu aren’t: Desperate to bond with John, and prying the truth from his patient, Worthing’s explosive anger yields to a plaintive tone. By the story’s end, John’s case has honestly shaken him.”

— by Eric Marchese, OC Register (Orange County, CA)

“The Lying Kind”

quote“In this dark farce’s West Coast premiere at the Chance Theater (Anaheim Hills, CA), director Beach Vickers gets things right from the get-go. He and his cast recognize that (Anthony) Neilson hasn’t simply written something that could be termed Ken Ludwig lite, but that everything that springs from the playwright’s premise could just as easily have been framed as tragedy.

“The elements of farce prevent ‘The Lying Kind’ from veering toward the tragic.

“Right off the bat, Vickers establishes that Blunt (David Chorley) and Gobbel (Michael Irish) are a cross between Laurel and Hardy and the tramps from Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,” with touches of Monty Python.

In fact, the surreal tone that pervades “The Lying Kind” is Pythonesque. Like the works of fellow Brit Joe Orton, it also owes a debt to the Absurdist movement of the mid-20th century – and is as subversive as Orton.”

— Eric Marchese, OC Register (Orange County, CA)


West Virginia Symphony’s “Die Fledermaus,” Charleston, WV

quote“Beach Vickers kept Act III moving with his commanding Frosch.”

— Connie V. Carey, Opera News, a publication of the Metropolitan Opera Guild

“My Fair Lady”

quote“One of my favorite roles in this play was performed by Beach Vickers as Col. Pickering. Vickers…is very comedic and adds a very refreshing dimension.”

— Jan Boston Sellers, Crossville Chronicle, TN

“A Flea in Her Ear”

quote“Beach Vickers headed the strong cast and gave a brilliant performance in the dual role of Victor Emmanuel Chandebise and Poche. For two thirds of the play, Vickers shifts from one character into another with dizzying speed and professional ease.

“He keeps the characters two separate and distinct people by perfecting the peculiar mannerisms of each.”

— Olga Wickerhaus, Charleston Gazette, WV

“Charley’s Aunt”

quote“Farce is the toughest of all theatrical genres to pull off.

“This Critic’s Choice award for understanding this dynamic goes to a trio of performers:

“The incomparable Beach Vickers as Brassett the butler, Carol Irvin as Dona Lucia Alvadorez (Charley’s authentic aunt), and Jessica Hillman as the lovelorn Ela Delahay.

“These three have discovered the comic effectiveness of the shrugged shoulder, the raised eyebrow and the quiet zinger as opposed to the forced, shouted line and the flamboyant gesture. Whenever they are on stage, a welcome sense of thrust and balance infuses the rest of the cast.”

— Rog Robbennolt, Crossville Chronicle, TN

Goodnight Children Everywhere”

quote“Beach Vickers’ and Sarah Moreau’s father-daughter interlopers round out a fine roster.”

— David C. Nichols, Los Angeles Times

quote“With an appearance and style reminiscent of actor Oliver Reed, Beach Vickers is tactless and colorfully lecherous as Mike’s friend and colleague.”

— Eric Marchese, OC Register, Orange County, CA

“The Taming of the Shrew”

quote“With a fine sense of timing and an elastic face that twists drunkenly one minute and crumples in disbelief the next, Vickers steals most of the scenes he appears in, even when he’s just sitting at the edge of the stage.”

— Eve Epstein, Charleston Gazette, WV

Review of a play Beach Vickers was NOT IN

quote“I judge a good comic actor by the Beach Vickers test. Can the actor make people laugh just by walking on stage and making a face, (such) as Vickers?”

– Bob Schwarz, theater reviewer, Charleston Gazette, WV